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You are always WELCOME and SAFE with us!
When entering a gas station, the person on duty will escort you in order to park the vehicle in the most appropriate place, according to the purpose of your visit.
To refuel, the person on duty will guide you to park next to the machine to fill the fuel of your preference. If there are more vehicles at the gas station at the moment - you will be escorted to the line where the least number of vehicles are waiting. Refueling is always done from the automatic machine located on the same side as the entrance to the vehicle's tank. 

Before refueling

For your safety, the person serving you will ask you the following:
  • Turn off the vehicle engine
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Don't smoke
  • It is your choice whether you stay inside the vehicle or go outside
If you are driving a motorcycle, the person serving you will ask you to get off the motorcycle in order to:
  • Do not inhale fuel fumes
  • To avoid contact with fuel in case of leakage
  • To avoid the risk of a fire caused by fuel coming into contact with hot parts of the motorcycle
After refueling

Before starting your vehicle's engine, make sure the fueling is complete, the hose is removed and the vehicle's fuel cap is closed.